English Cream Golden Retrievers


                            The Retriever is one of the most popular    breeds in America

….English Cream  Golden Retrievers heads are larger and blockier then that of their American counter – parts .  White European Retrievers were Imported , they are heavier then the golden with a stocker build , They love outdoors activities, especially swimming . While active outdoors, they are also calm indoors, making them ideal family pets. THERE EASY TO TRAIN , People pleasers and extremely intelligent. They are one of the best dogs for kids , even tempered, well behaved and extremely faithful, very social with other pets, they can develop separation anxiety if left along periods of time . They are fun loving dogs , You will love your new family pet as they make great companions as beautiful to look at, We only re home our retrievers as pets only ,as we want them to be loved and spoiled rotten