English Cream Golden Retrievers Golden Doodles and Standard Poodles

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, 

Great Family Pets and Service Dogs .

Welcome To Goldens Poodles and Doodles

All these dogs Can form long lasting bonds and make great companions with all  family members.There  happiest when socialized with other dogs and pets and are family members .  They don’t like to be left alone, as they are pack animals. Got allergies ? Golden Doodles Don’t shed very much . Don’t grab a kleenex hug a Golden Doodle. 

And Standard Poodles are hypoalligenic and don’t shed.

Golden Doodles

No outrageous Veterinarian Bills  Golden Doodles Are Very Healthy

These dogs are highley intelligent and are easly trained, and have a strong desire to learn commands and tricks. The Golden doodle is a hybrid or designer with certain vivacity and resilience displayed in first generation’s behavior due to breeding two purbred dogs. This is especially true when parents are very different dog breeds. Dogs with hybrid vigor are usually far healthier then either of the dogs purbred parents . 

Golden Doodles make excellent guide dogs as well as therapy dogs for the eldery and sick people in hospitals, and nursing homes .

GOLDENDOODLES  STANDARD POODLES AND ENGLISH CREAM GOLDEN RETRIEVERS are sociable charming and outgoing , they are ideal first pets and great family dogs and companions known to be gental with children and other pets,